Whole House/ Whole Building and Borehole Water Filtration Systems

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The Whole house systems are to be plumbed ‘in-line’

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Supplied with 20 inch filter slimline housings with ¾” or 1 Inlets/Outlets orBig Blue 10” or 20” housings with 1” or 1 ½ ” inlets/outlets double or treble stage filtration, for example: a WH20TBB is a 50cm x 11.6cm treble Big Blue filter unit. All supplied with mounting brackets and housing spanners.

Whole House units would contain an activated Carbon filter (CB) or KDF/ Carbon combination (KDF) and sediment filters and / or a washable sediment (PL) for dirty water and / or water softener (WSF) Phosphate filter (to combat scaling). The filters used would depend on the water problem to be solved.

Alternate FRP Whole house system consists of a 10-54 FRP vessel with KDF/Carbon, and pre and post sediment filters.

The Whole house systems are to be plumbed ‘in-line’ into the house or buildings incoming water supply (POE Point of Entry), with stopcocks fitted before the system for changing of filters.

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Making your borehole water potable (safe, healthy, tasting good and cost effective) pays for filtration compared to municipal supply in a short period, and provides guaranteed water supply.

If the source (borehole river etc) water contains harmful heterotrophic bacteria such as E.coli these can be eliminated by Ultra Violet (treatment) or chlorine dosing.