Industrial Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems

With built in booster pumps - Working principles are the same as Domestic RO's

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Reverse Osmosis is used extensively in the world to purify water for drinking, cooking, food and beverage production, bottling for resale purposes etc.

Maximum flow rates @ 25 degrees and Models available in
Gallons per day (per 24 Hours):

RO 200GPD, RO 400GPD, RO 600GPD, RO 1500GPD, RO 3000GPD, RO 4500GPD, RO 6000GPD, RO 12000GPD, RO 18000GPD Larger R/O Models are available on request.

1 Gallon = 3.7 litres for example RO 200GPD =740 litres per 24 Hours

These State of the Art Reverse Osmosis units are fully assembled
• The RO 400GPD and RO 600GPD have 3x’s 500mm prefilters and are built into a powder coated steel frame on wheels.
• RO 1500GPD upwards: - are built onto a metal skid frame (either mild Steel- blue powder coated or stainless steel options)
They have own (DB) Distribution Board, all the necessary gauges as well as 1x 500mm prefilter and other features

Recovery rates (pure from source water) are 15% upwards depending on the RO configuration and volume of dissolved solids in source water. Suitable water temperatures 5 to 40 degrees C (optimum 25 degrees)

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Optional 40 litre capacity pure water tanks are available for RO 200GPD and RO 400GPD. RO 600GPD and larger RO’s require a Jo Jo tank or other pure water tank.

• Reverse Osmosis requires reasonable quality municipal or treated source (input) water with the following parameters –
• TDS Total dissolved solids maximum 1000-
• Silica Maximum 125 PPM (Max Silt density index or SDI of 4)
• PH Range 3 to 10
• Residual Chlorine maximum 0.1 mg / Litre
• Turbidity (Dirt) maximum 1 NTU

Depending on the problems with the RO source (feed) water experienced, or per water analysis; optional RO extras are: - Water Treatment plant, –Whole House pre filtration, - UV Sterilizer, - PH control, Chemicals for flocculation, and other dosing - Ozone Sterilization