Phosphate Water Softener

Hard minerals such as calcium and magnesium, when evaporated from water or combined with heat, can form lime-scale. Water Softener's can help this.

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Water Filter Cartridges (PHOS) for the whole house and geyser

Phosphate Filter

The “hardness” of water is due to the presence of Calcium and Magnesium salts which makes washing difficult, wastes soap and can cause unpleasant scums and stains in laundries and households. They are especially harmful in the feed water of boilers, geysers, coffee machines, and kettles etc. because of their tendency to form scales, especially with high TDS Municipal and borehole feed water and when water is heated.

A cost effective method of controlling Calcium and Magnesium scaling up to a hardness of 500 PPM is with the use of PHOSPHATE (also known as SILIPHOS). PHOSPHATE filters do not remove the Calcium and Magnesium, but stabilize and keeps it and any Iron content in solution whereby Scale deposits occur to only a minimal extent.

Other qualities are – inhibition of corrosion with a protective layer of Phosphate – causes gradual decomposition and removal of scales - does not effect the quality of drinking water. The Phosphate Media dissolve and last +- 6 months depending on water flow and water volume.

The filters can be single units, protecting geysers or added to Whole house / Whole Building systems

To remove Calcium and Magnesium from Water, a water softener plant must be used.