Dosing and Ozone Sterilization

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dosing Pump


Dosing pumps are available for the introduction of Chemicals (to solve various water problems) into the water supply. The pumps can be set for the dose required and are acid resistant.

ozone Pump

Some chemicals dosed:-

• Liquid potable Chlorine (fit for human consumption) for bacteria removal used in conjunction with Carbon filters to remove chlorine prior to water use

• Flocculent to control heavy sediment (dirt)

• Caustic soda (Sodium Hydroxide) to increase PH and alkalinity and thereby reduce corrosive and aggressive nature of water when applicable.

Ozone Sterilization

An ozoniater makes ozone gas from the oxygen in the air and is introduced in line into the water supply. Ozone kills 99.9% of all known harmful Bacteria even in dirty muddy water.