Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems (RO) (Domestic)

A 3 stage Reverse Osmosis system is also available for fish tanks and battery water.

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Household drinking water purification systems - Undercounter Reverse Osmosis

The Reverse Osmosis Under counter system employs a ‘thin film composite’ (TFM), semi permeable membrane that removes not only particles but also an extremely high percentage of dissolved contaminants, - molecule-by-molecule from water (using only 3 to 6 bar water pressure) by separating the purified water from the rejected impurities, (up to 97% of arsenic, lead, fluoride all contaminants and dissolved solids), which are flushed from the membrane and automatically disposed of (to waste) down the drain. These systems produce one of the purest forms of water and are available with a booster pump when in-coming water pressure is below 3 bar (e.g. rural areas) with the domestic 50 and 100 GPD RO’s. (190 and 380 litres per 24 hours). All RO’s larger than the 100 GPD RO have built in booster pumps.

Both 50 and 100 GPD - 5 stage R.O. Systems, the RO5 (without booster pump) and the ROB5 (R.O. with booster pump) include an elegant faucet (for mounting on the sink or counter top) and a 12.6 litre pressurised storage tank.

Filter working life is on average 12 months and membrane – 3 to 5 years, but largely dependant on usage and the volume of contaminants in the water being filtered.

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